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Elderflower strawberry bubbles.

20 Jun

Thank god it’s friday. Although yesterday was a public holiday in Austria (which is almost like a weekend during the week), I’m ready for some days off. Maybe it’s because yesterday felt like a weekend? Is today then something like a wrong Monday? Could be. Definitely feels like it. Well into the weekend I go now. And what’s a better source of relaxation than a drink? Maybe a massage. Or some chocolate. Definitely some chocolate. Maybe I have it after this deliciously refreshing and summer themed cocktail with fresh strawberries and elderflower syrup.


All you need for 1 glass is:
– 4 strawberries
– 2 cl elderflower syrup
– 1/8 l prosecco
– 1/8 l soda

Cut the strawberries and smash them with the balm syrup. Sieve the syrup into a glass and add the prosecco and soda. Mix well and serve chilled. Enjoy!


Do you remember last year when I shared my recipe for elderflower syrup with you? Of course I made it again (like the year before that and the year before that – quite a long tradition when I think of it). I made about 9 liter cordial and without giving any of it away, I have only (!) 6 liter left. Yes, it’s the best drink on hot summer days.


And now that I invented a cocktail with it, it’s going to diminish itself even faster. What a shame. Next year I’ll have to make at least 12 litre of elderflower syrup. (I once met a couple that make every other year 40 liter of syrup – in the bathtub! That picture makes me laugh every time I think of it. They give away a lot but still. 40 liter sure make a lot of this beautiful drink!)


I’m really proud of the wild roses that I used to decorate with. Aren’t they the prettiest?! It’s a shame they don’t last long. Well for a few days (or a very special night)… they make the perfect decoration.


Now I’m really off into the weekend. Talk soon.

Now. Carry on!


Ginger juice.

8 May

Today is the first day of this week that it was really warm. Unfortunately my job asked me to stay inside for most of the day but the days are long and so was my longing for ice-cream. So instead of doing sport (indoors) I ate ice-cream (outdoors). I guess even my mum would approve of that. Fresh air is good for you, that’s what she kept saying to me. And who am I arguing with my mum?! So I was just a good girl. The sweet ice cream made me quite thirsty though. Luckily I just recently made some ginger cordial. With some fresh lemon and ice cubes… so refreshing!


All you need is:
– 300 g sugar
– 300 ml water
– the juice of 3 lemons
– 20 g ginger (cut into pieces)

Heat the water with sugar in a pan. Put it aside and add the lemon juice and the ginger. Let it cool and set for 48 h. Put it a clean bottle and you can drink it right away when mixed 1:6 with water.


Now I sit here slurping this delicious refreshment and not feeling guilty at all of skipping the gym. Not. At. All. (Ok, you got me. Maybe a little guilty.)


Now. Carry on!


Balm calms.

5 Sep

It’s the time for changes. Maybe that’s the reason why I cut my hair? Don’t know. I always have my hair short but this summer I had it at about shoulder length. Looks horrible on me if we’re honest. I always have to tie them up (as you could see here). Normally I just have short hair. Not for the last 8 month though. So when I cut it back to what I consider my comfort zone hair cut at my trusted hair dresser close to my parent’s house, I got a lot of attention. I mean a lot! I’m a little embarrassed. Yes, I cut my hair. Can we move on? However the worst was, when a work colleague touched my hair. Without asking. Don’t touch it! Seriously! You can’t just go around and touch other people’s hair randomly. No. Seriously. Who does that? She’s Italian. Not an excuse but maybe an explanation. Or is it me? Should I not care about people touching my hair unannounced?

Anyways. I needed something calming after such an unpleasant encounter. Luckily I made some balm syrup when I was at my parent’s house. (And that’s how I come back to the purpose of this post. Very clever, huh? You didn’t think that I can come from my new hair cut to the balm syrup recipe, did you?! You can call me master of the words now.) Balm is apparently very calming. It can be used dried in herbal teas or made into the most delicious syrup (see my preference here?).


The recipe is quite similar to elder flower syrup but done in a different order.

All you need is:
– balm flowers (about a handful, the more the better!)
– 1 kg sugar
– 1 l water
– 3 Tbsp citric

Just so you know, this is how balm flowers look like:


You can pull the flowers from the stem and suck on them. They have a very sweet flavour. I did that as a kid until I found out that there will be no flowers left to make balm syrup. Nobody dares to ever mess with me and my balm syrup. Not even me.


To make the syrup preheat the water in a large pan and dissolve the sugar (don’t let it go brown). Put it aside and cool it down to room temperature. Then add the citric and flowers. Stir well and let it rest from 24 h to 3 days. Sieve it into bottles and you’re done! It’s really the easiest thing to do. You can also dry the flowers and decide to make the syrup later.


The difference in making compared to elder flower syrup is that I added the citric together with the flowers. This will extract the colour from the blooms and make the syrup slightly pinkish red.


What do you think of this cheesy photo background? I was in need for some cheesy-ness.
I also added the flower ice cubes. Just because I can.


Now. Carry on!

Elder refreshment.

13 Jun

I don’t drink enough. That’s a sentence that my boyfriends hears a lot lately. Evertime at night. In bed. When my thoughts start to wander and it’s too late to do anything about it. In winter I drink tea. A lot. Black, green, fruit and herbal tea. Everything. In summer it’s more tricky. Ice tea takes a lot of preparation and foresight. Not for me. I’m also not into lemonade. Too sweet. I rather like syrups that I can mix for my own taste. Well syrups are actually the only alternative to water in summer (when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks – alcohol is a total different story!). However I don’t want to buy them because you never now what preservatives, artificial flavours and/or colours are in there. (You could read the label but that would probably depress me.)

That’s why I got this recipe for elder syrup from my mother. It’s so easily made and only takes about 15 mins of your time in total – waiting time not included.


All you need for around 3 litres of elder syrup:

– 2 kg sugar
– 2 litres of water
– 3 Tbsp citric acid
– 15 blossoms of elder


Heat the water in a big saucepan and add the sugar. Stir it until the sugar is completely dissolved. Put aside and let it cool down completely to room temperature. Add the elder blossoms and stir. Now the mixture should sit for 2 days, 3 days maximum. Stir in the citric acid. I used 3 heaping tablespoons but you can taste along as you mix it in. Don’t use to much acid though as it will become a little unhealthy. Then sieve the syrup into large bottles and voilá. You can drink it directly. Just add about 1 cm of syrup into a 250 ml glass and add cold water. With a little lemon and mint it makes the perfect summer drink to beat the heat.


Look what refreshing syrup I made:


Some tipps on the side: Don’t use less sugar as it will start to ferment and blow off. Literally. A friend had this problem and it’s not nice to clean your whole storage room from this sticky stuff. Also don’t add to many more blossoms as it will become cloudy and bitter. This recipe has been tested over many years!

I probably don’t have to tell you that this makes also a good present for friends and family… Just in case you’re invited to a summer party/picnic/event: you can add the syrup also to prosecco.


Now. Carry on!

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