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Rose infused vinegar

8 Jul

You probably saw that I’m currently on holiday on instagram. I’m having the time of my life so far: eating well, exploring nature and learning new things (I’m currently into wild herbs and flowers and what you can do with them). This brings me to today’s post. I never forget you – even if I’m on holiday. Don’t worry. How could I?! I love to take you along! But before I show you pictures of where I’ve been and what I’ve done, I love to share a very easy recipe for rose infused vinegar with you.


All you need is:
– 2 handfuls of rose pedals
– 1 litre white wine vinegar

Put the rose pedals in bottles and top it off with vinegar.


Let it infuse for 2 weeks somewhere bright and shiny and sieve it into sealable bottles.


The rose pedals come from my moms garden and some of the tiny flowers looked like hearts. Aren’t they the cutest?

rose-pedals-for-vinegar heart-rose-pedal-vinegar

I already made a salad with this vineagar and it’s really good. The rose flavor is not overpowering but gives a nice depth and slight sophisticated flavor to the salad.


Now after the strawberry vinegar this is my second endeavor in making vinegar and I love it! It’s so easy and quick and makes every salad (and in the hot months I eat lots of those) a special twist.


Try it yourself! It also makes a perfect gift for every foodie.

Now. Carry on!


Sweet sour symphony.

6 Sep

This weekend I’m going to be all alone again. But instead of crafting all day like I did the last time, I’m going to socialize. Oh, this is going to be great! I already made a plan that will keep me busy for 3 weekends but I’ll try to make it in one. I’m going to meet friends, explore the city, make and eat cake, invite people over, go out, do laundry (yes, I’m also quite productive) and do some brainstorming for future posts (like I need to remind me of that). If you are in Vienna and want to go for a coffee with me, feel free to apply. Just kidding. I’d be happy to meet anybody. No CV needed.

If you don’t have any plans yet, why not get ready for autumn and winter and preserve some zucchinis? If you have a garden (like my parents – you know I still don’t have one on my own) you’re flooded with these delicious and healthy vegetable probably anyway. The sweet and sour preserved zucchini is not only great for indoor picnics and snacks but makes also a great present. I gave one away already and they couldn’t believe I made it myself. If they knew how easy and quickly this is done… But I keep this a secret and you should do if you want to be a hero and super(wo)man for once.


All you need is:
– 1 kg zucchini
– 1 tin pineapple (fruit and juice)
– 1 big onion
– 2 gloves of garlic
– 200 ml vinegar
– 100 g castor sugar
– 1 Tbsp curry powder
– 2 tsp mustard seeds
– 1 pinch coriander powder

Cut the zucchini and pineapple in pieces; the onion and garlic in small slices. Heat a big pot with the vinegar, sugar, pineapple juice and spices. Bring it to the boil and add the cut ingredients. Cook for 7 mins. Meanwhile wash the mason jars and fill the hot mixture up. Make sure that all the pieces are covered with liquid. Close the lid and turn the jars upside down. The heat will seal the jars and make them vacuum-tight.


And that’s it. Done in 20 mins and it would make your grandma proud. And like I said: it makes a perfect present to impress people: I do preserve vegetables myself. No biggie. Yes, all handmade.


The jars with the sweet sour zucchini will have to rest for 2 weeks before opening. This will infuse the flavours even more. Also when you make it, it will be quite cloudy but the particles will settle down over time and make the liquid yellowish and clear.


What are your plans for the weekend? Inspire me!

Now. Carry on!

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