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Rose infused vinegar

8 Jul

You probably saw that I’m currently on holiday on instagram. I’m having the time of my life so far: eating well, exploring nature and learning new things (I’m currently into wild herbs and flowers and what you can do with them). This brings me to today’s post. I never forget you – even if I’m on holiday. Don’t worry. How could I?! I love to take you along! But before I show you pictures of where I’ve been and what I’ve done, I love to share a very easy recipe for rose infused vinegar with you.


All you need is:
– 2 handfuls of rose pedals
– 1 litre white wine vinegar

Put the rose pedals in bottles and top it off with vinegar.


Let it infuse for 2 weeks somewhere bright and shiny and sieve it into sealable bottles.


The rose pedals come from my moms garden and some of the tiny flowers looked like hearts. Aren’t they the cutest?

rose-pedals-for-vinegar heart-rose-pedal-vinegar

I already made a salad with this vineagar and it’s really good. The rose flavor is not overpowering but gives a nice depth and slight sophisticated flavor to the salad.


Now after the strawberry vinegar this is my second endeavor in making vinegar and I love it! It’s so easy and quick and makes every salad (and in the hot months I eat lots of those) a special twist.


Try it yourself! It also makes a perfect gift for every foodie.

Now. Carry on!


Present wrapping.

21 Dec

It’s the first day of my Christmas holidays already. For about a week it’s all about presents, food and family. First up is the family of my boyfriend. We drove here today because his home is almost half the way home to my parents. Which is a 6 1/2 hour train ride. It’s crazy. If only the landscape would look more like winter. I just don’t seem to get in the mood when there’s no snow around – and it looks like there won’t be any before Christmas.

There have to be taken some measurements to fight of this terrible winter blues (already?). And there’s nothing better than eating cookies, lighting some candles and wrapping presents.


I found this fantastic black and white chevron paper and bought some red wire. With so many family members it’s hard to keep track of which present belongs to whom, so I named them.


When the name was too long, I just took the initial of the first name. Very creative, I know, but it serves the purpose.


Did you wrap all your presents already? I’d love to see  how yours look like!

Now. Carry on!

Handmade presents for the food lover.

12 Dec

There I did it. I annoyed myself. There. Do you see it? In the headline.  I actually hate when people write “food lover”. It seems like you’re limiting to a special group of people but actually it doesn’t. I mean who doesn’t like food?! Not everyone loves every type of food of course but who does? The word Foodie is better. Not everybody would call himself a foodie. My grandpa wouldn’t. But it would limit your selection to a group of people that are willing to name themselves after what could be either a dogs name, the store name of a dyslexic pedicurist or the weirdest nickname. Either way it’s a stupid term and even if I agree with the concept I would never call myself this (don’t make me write the name again!). So after some thinking I think the term connoisseur is the best term I could find. It means “somebody who is acquainted with something” or “knows about something”. This makes much more sense to me. I know that I like sweets, I know how to bake a cake and I know that I will never make a cake with zest because I hate the taste. There. I know a lot. A total connoisseur.

So after this rather philosophical introduction (or rant or discussion with me, myself and I – whatever you want to call it), my list for Christmas presents for the food connoisseur in your life.


1| Caramelized Onions 2| Lemon cushion 3| Cupcake Etagere 4| Cupcake Stand  5 |Kitchen Shelf 6 | Balm flower syrup and elder flower syrup (made with dried flowers)

Presents for the interiour lover.

28 Nov

It’s always tricky to get presents for some people. One of my sister said that she doesn’t understand how gifting her could be difficult (it is) because she basically likes everything (she doesn’t). However I found that if you give something that you put a lot of thought and time into, they never dare to complain. That’s what handmade gifts are for. They don’t need to be perfect but are valued higher than any bought stuff because you dedicated time, work and blood (not literally of course).

As promised I show you some projects I made that could be easily replicated as a Christmas present. This week I themed them for Interior enthusiasts:


1| Light Up Letter 2| Embroidered Cushion 3| Glass Dome 4| Concrete Letters 5 | Chest With Embroidered Arrows 6 | Cement Copper Lamp

The perfect pear.

22 Oct

It’s crazy how many people celebrate their birthday in October. I have 6 immediate friends and family members. I guess January is just such a cold and boring month. Sorry, my mind wandered off. Back to birthday, you dirty mind! So what to give to so many people without overdoing my budget? Well muffins are always a good idea. And delicious ones even better. I can’t tell you to how many birthday (picnic) celebrations I’ve been where people brought muffins and you had to almost cough after every bite. I don’t want to be mean but seriously: how?! Why?! What?! It doesn’t get easier than muffins: go heavy on butter & milk, add some chocolate and one ingredient that sets it apart from all the other muffins. Voilá. If you find yourself in the situation looking for a muffin recipe just like explained, look no further: The chocolate pear muffins are made in no time and definitely a runner at every party (make sure to double the batter).


All you need is:
– 120 g butter (room temperature, you know the drill)
– 120 g brown sugar
– 2 eggs
– 100 g flour
– 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 2 tsp cacao powder
– 3 Tbsp milk
– 2 pears (the tinned ones work as well)

Preheat the oven to 190 ° C. Mix the butter with the sugar in a bowl and mix until smooth (the warmer the butter, the easier) and add the eggs afterwards. Beat until it becomes a light yellow and smooth texture. Add the dry ingredients (flour, baking and cacao powder) and the milk. Mix well and put the batter in a muffin form (lined with paper forms of course). Cut the pear in slices and add 2 slices to the top of every muffin. Bake for 20 mins. That’s it. Told you it’s made in no time.


The fox in the background is actually a tea towel that I bought at a local handmade market from a Hungarian designer called Moringa. Isn’t it cute? You know how much I like foxes… And of course support a small designer.


Remember when I told you that pear and chocolate are a pair made in heaven?! Still true.


I added a little powder sugar just to make them look nicer. I sometimes have the feeling that muffins are the uglier older brother of pretty cupcakes. I always feel bad for the muffins afterwards and try to come up with recipes that make them look nice and appealing. I think these do. It’s a shame I had to share them.


Best served slightly warm with a little beaten cream on top. A girl has to try what she created to make sure I can expect other to eat them too. Right? I thought so.


Now. Carry on!

Envelope me.

8 Oct

Some of you might have seen on Facebook already that I attended the Fashioncamp here in Vienna. It’s not a fashion camp per se but a conference for lifestyle bloggers. There were lectures on SEO and responsible consumerism as well as DIY workshops. Guess where I was all the time?! DaWanda, an online platform for all things handmade, did a workshop on envelope bags and I made 4. Just because they were so easy and fast to make and I felt much more comfortable talking to people while my hands were busy.


It always surprises me that there are so many bloggers directly around me that I haven’t even heard of. While making the envelope bags I got to know at least a few of them.


All you need is:

– leather
– scissors
push button
– permanent marker, studs, thread & needle
– envelope_bag_template
– pencil
– jewelry glue

Cut out the envelope_bag_template and draw it on the on the back of the leather with the pencil. Cut the leather out as well.


Decorate it while it is still flat. I added studs on 2 of the envelope bags, drew dots on another and embroidered the forth with arrows like here.


Fold the left and right corner in and glue them together at the tip. Add some more glue to the bottom triangle and fold it up.


Fold the top down and punch a whole with a needle where the push button will be and add the push button.


Now it’s all done. Depending on your decoration the whole bag will only take about 15 mins.


This one was the first I made and I added the studs after I made the whole bag. A big mistake! You don’t really have to make it that hard for you!


And here my whole selection of envelope bags that I made. They are a cute little present too. Or a gift wrapper that could be reused as bag.


Now. Carry on!

Elder refreshment.

13 Jun

I don’t drink enough. That’s a sentence that my boyfriends hears a lot lately. Evertime at night. In bed. When my thoughts start to wander and it’s too late to do anything about it. In winter I drink tea. A lot. Black, green, fruit and herbal tea. Everything. In summer it’s more tricky. Ice tea takes a lot of preparation and foresight. Not for me. I’m also not into lemonade. Too sweet. I rather like syrups that I can mix for my own taste. Well syrups are actually the only alternative to water in summer (when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks – alcohol is a total different story!). However I don’t want to buy them because you never now what preservatives, artificial flavours and/or colours are in there. (You could read the label but that would probably depress me.)

That’s why I got this recipe for elder syrup from my mother. It’s so easily made and only takes about 15 mins of your time in total – waiting time not included.


All you need for around 3 litres of elder syrup:

– 2 kg sugar
– 2 litres of water
– 3 Tbsp citric acid
– 15 blossoms of elder


Heat the water in a big saucepan and add the sugar. Stir it until the sugar is completely dissolved. Put aside and let it cool down completely to room temperature. Add the elder blossoms and stir. Now the mixture should sit for 2 days, 3 days maximum. Stir in the citric acid. I used 3 heaping tablespoons but you can taste along as you mix it in. Don’t use to much acid though as it will become a little unhealthy. Then sieve the syrup into large bottles and voilá. You can drink it directly. Just add about 1 cm of syrup into a 250 ml glass and add cold water. With a little lemon and mint it makes the perfect summer drink to beat the heat.


Look what refreshing syrup I made:


Some tipps on the side: Don’t use less sugar as it will start to ferment and blow off. Literally. A friend had this problem and it’s not nice to clean your whole storage room from this sticky stuff. Also don’t add to many more blossoms as it will become cloudy and bitter. This recipe has been tested over many years!

I probably don’t have to tell you that this makes also a good present for friends and family… Just in case you’re invited to a summer party/picnic/event: you can add the syrup also to prosecco.


Now. Carry on!

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