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Picture frame collage.

29 Apr

Others do Spring cleaning, I do Spring decorating. I hate cleaning. I really do. I would happily pay other people to clean for me. It’s just such a mundane task and not satisfying at all. I mean just a few hours later everything’s a mess and dirty again. Where’s the joy in that?! Sorry, I got carried away. Sensitive topic here. However there is much more joy and fun in decorating. And it lasts much longer. Especially when you decorate your wall – like I did here with my picture frame collage.


I found a few sources online that let you plan a picture collage. But what if you have already a wide selection at home and no idea how to hang those?! Well here is my idea.

All you need is:
– picture frames
– newspaper
– scissors
– tape
– nails

Cut the shape of the frames out of newspaper. So that you have the exact measurements and amount of pieces of paper as of the frames.


A little trick: If you have one really difficult size of frame, hang this first. I had this big picture frame that I just hung in a corner.


Now tape the newspaper to the wall and adjust and pull off and stick on again until you have a collage that’s nice on the eye. I let the paper hang over night and looked at it in the morning again. There’s no better quality control. I rearranged the paper again until I was fully satisfied.


Now hammer the nails right through the paper. No guessing or measuring necessary. You can rip off the paper afterwards. It did its job (perfectly).


Now hang the picture frames and voilá!


Your very own unique picture collage!


Now. Carry on!


On display: string shelf

7 Mar

I have been very lazy with my series “on display”. One of my New Year’s resolution was however to post more regularly. So here comes the string shelf I decorated in our living room at the dining area. It reminds me very much of Spring and that’s why I want to post it now. I bought the shelf on ebay a few months ago and I didn’t know back then what exactly I’ll use it for. First I wanted to hang it in the kitchen but I felt that it deserves a better – more visual – place. Also it was smaller than I thought it would be and with the narrow shelfs there’s not much that it can hold. However it found it’s special purpose holding most of our tea cups and pots.


My boyfriend had a time (back in the beginning of our relationship) when we was totally into Japanese green tea. Totally with doing a tea ceremony. I can’t tell you how many times I sat on the floor in his student room back then for hours (in total) until the temperature was right and I could drink the one sip of tea just to wait for the second rehash. Don’t get me wrong: i really enjoyed the taste and apparently it’s very, very healthy. This phase is over – also because it was so time-consuming and with working full-time you hardly have time for that.


What is still left is our selection of more or less traditional tea bowls which I cherish very much. Also because it reminds me of that time. We had some of the best talks while we waited for the water to cool down to exactly 70 ° C. If I happen to grow very old, I blame all the green tea that I drank during this time.


Of course you saw already the little glass dome I made from the broken wine glass. It got it’s special place as one of the first things on this string shelf.


This cute owl is actually also handmade. With a template from Mibo Studios. I have more of their creatures but I love the owls the most. Also because they were a present from my sisters.


Remember the jewelry and cupcake stand I made with the broken foot of a wine glass? I use it now as a cactus stand. I would have never thought that this is the way I’ll use it (the most). Do you also create stuff that you use totally differently than first intended?


These cards are from the famous shopping mall Bijnenkorf in Amsterdam. These are the only souvenirs I bought and they will remind me of the great time I had in this fantastic city.


I like collecting (or making) things with our initials. I found these over 100 years old printing letters in a little town in Germany. I love the rustic look.


I use a tea tin as pot for my little Aloe Very plant. See how everything goes together? I’m so clever. (At least that’s what I think. And surely my mum.)


Now. Carry on!

Wire basket.

21 Jan

One of my new year resolution was to get more tidy. I’m writing this here in case my boyfriend reads my blog. He doesn’t. It’s cool. Now I can tell you that I don’t really want to become tidy. I like when things lie around. It’s make it homey. Do you know this quote “excuse the mess but I live here” could totally be my invention. It isn’t but I invented so many things like the Superdatti and Breakfast Ice-cream. I don’t have to invent everything. I’m not Nikola Tesla. Anyway. Back to the purpose of this post. Even when I don’t like it too tidy, I like to find things and have them handy by hand (handy by hand?! Is that even english?!). Like the other day I decided to paint my nails and the nail polish fell out of my cabinet and into the sink. Luckily nothing broke but there had to be done something.


That’s why I created this lovely wire basket to store them.


All you need is:
– wire
– a postcard
– scissors
– a box of the size of your future wire basket


1. Take the box and wrap the wire twice around it. Cut the wire off and connect the loose ends. Do this 2 times. This will create the framework of your basket.


2. Then cut off 6 strings of the same length for the walls of your basket. They should be about 2 times the length of it. Take one framework and wrap the strips of wire to the width like seen in the picture above. Let the loose ends don’t get in your way. This looks a bit messy but stay with me.


3. Cut off 8 strings of the same length and weave them through the others. Wrap them around the length of the framework. This looks even messier but it’s almost done!


4. Take the second framework and attach the loose ends of the corner at about the height you want.


5. Take now all the loose ends and wrap them around the second wireframe and voilá!


6. Put the postcard at the bottom to make it easier for the basket to hold your nail polish in place.

Now. Carry on!

On display: A Christmas box.

25 Dec

Christmas is almost over. Can you believe it? You get ready for so long and puff! It’s over. Totally worth it but still. Now come the few days of eating and family time that makes it all worth while. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve. We decorate the  tree together in the morning, get the last few things ready like supper and Christmas present wrapping and after dinner, we all gather in the living room when the candles (yes, we still have real candles) are lit.
We sing a few Christmas carols together and then we start unwrapping the presents. It starts with my little brother and then we go one by one from the youngest to the oldest. (Apparently I have been very nice this year, the Christkind has been very generious.)

Because I always celebrate at my parents house I don’t decorate my flat too much. I still like to get ready and therefore a little decoration has to be put in place. I took pictures when I was back home but I totally forgot to show you. So here it goes:


This year I made a Christmas box – at least that’s what my boyfriend calls it. He’s right though. I took an old crate and decorated it with the few things that assemble Christmas for me.


I got this tiny Christmas tree in the right corner from an insurance company. Technically I didn’t get it. The person who rent the flat before us got a package and me – ubercautious (and not at all curious) opened it and there was this tiny Christmas tree. I was actually complaining that I can’t have my own tree with us not being here around Christmas and I created replacements but this is like the perfect present (the fact that it didn’t belong to me didn’t bother me too much).

The Amsterdam skyline had to be in here as well – of course. Still one of my most favourite DIY.


Do you remember the lemon I decorated with cloves? It’s been hanging here for a week now and it dried and released its smell continuously in the living room.


On top of the wooden box is the landscape I made with the 3D paper trees. I’m really smitten how the box looks like because you can see so many details that you might miss on the first glance. It shows that you don’t have to create big things and huge displays to make something special. I can get lost in the smell and the look of this box and think about Christmas any time.

Now. Carry on!


Winter forest.

20 Dec

Yesterday I told you how smitten I am with the black and white paper Christmas mobile. Actually so happy that I had to make some more trees. Really. Couldn’t help it. You know that I have a lot of energy lately and it resulted in the weirdest activities: my boyfriend and I visited friends and when we came home at around 1 am. I just wasn’t tired and started to clean. Me? Cleaning? Yes. I know. I surprised myself too. Also because I cleaned all the shelf in the kitchen. A hideous work actually. And time-consuming. But after finishing it, I still wasn’t tired. So I thought about doing some crafts. And you know: Origami calms.
So I got my laptop, paper, scissors and glue and made some tiny black and white Christmas trees while watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. One of my all time favourite. Ryan Gosling. You know. All handsome and witty and smart. And Emma Stone. I like her too.


No wonder these trees look great. They are made with love! You can see how I made them here if you missed it.


Unlike the hanging trees you have to make sure that the bottom is flat. I just used the edge of the paper. Yes, I’m smart. And pretty and funny. Does anyone want to tell Ryan Gosling? Please?

Paper-christmas-tree-decoration-diy-detail Paper-christmas-tree-black-white-decoration-diy

I made some snowflakes with a punch and decorated the terrarium I upcycled a while ago. My own (black and) white Christmas!


It doesn’t look like we’re going to have white Christmas anyway. So this is a good substitute.

Paper-christmas-tree-decoration Paper-christmas-tree-terrarium-decoration

Now. Carry on!

Black and white Christmas.

19 Dec

It actually seems like I have to much time on my hands. I’m constantly doing something and you’ll be surprised how many blogposts will go live this week. It’s just that at the moment I seem to have to much energy. I have this regularly a few times a year and I can’t do enough to copy with it. I do sports, meet with friends, create DIY projects, bake, make and clean. Thousand ideas fly around my head and although my days are filled with hundreds activities, I seem to have not enough time. I know this can be exhausting for the people around me. However I try all kinds of stuff to keep me sitting still for a few hours minutes. Like origami. This helps (most of the time). I don’t know what it is about paper but it calms me working with it. Since I bought the greatest selection of black and white paper squares from supercraft I felt inspired anyway. So I made some 3D paper christmas trees to hang in the flat.


Aren’t those trees cute? I always try to decorate with black and white because I love how it looks but always end up using some colour somewhere. I just seem to never be able to stick to such a limited colour range. However this time it worked! All black and white (and a little wood).


All you need is:
– paper (I ordered mine here)
– a pencil
– scissors
– glue
– black thread
– an old branch to hang the finished trees (optional)


Take 3 pieces of paper with the same pattern and fold the paper (stacked onto each other) into half. Then draw half of a Christmas tree on it. Cut it out and it should give you three tree-shaped pieces of paper that look completely the same. Repeat with all the paper.


Put some glue on the (white) back of the paper and glue them side to side together. Due to the fact that we used 3 shapes and not only 2 it will create a nice 3D-effect.


paper-christmas-tree-glueBefore glueing the last piece of paper together: Make a knot into the black thread and put it in the middle of the tree. Then glue it all together and you’re done!


I bind them to the branch and hanged them on the ceiling. It brings me so much joy looking at this Christmas themed mobile!


Did I ever tell you that I live in a roof-top flat? It’s nice, bright and sunny (and especially warm in summer). I love it. What I don’t love (besides having no balcony) is the fact that the roof is pitched. I have literally no window sills to decorate. Which limits me a lot. But i also get creative. I have a lot hanging around.

I had a hard time taking pictures of the mobile. Not only because it gets dark so early (I do use a flash sometimes) but because it looks horrible on pictures. I tried it from (almost) every angle and it just looks sad.


Trust me that in reality it looks much nicer and definitely not this “empty”.


Well anyway, I’m happy with it and that’s all that counts, right?


Now. Carry on!

Christmas presents for the hard-to-present.

18 Dec

Did I tell you that I have all my Christmas presents already? I think I did. I’d like to say it a third time: I have all the presents for my whole family! This never happened before because there are always one or two people that are hard to present. People that earn enough money to buy themselves whatever they want (at least on the level that you could afford as present as well) and do so regularly. You have to be either very good at listening and picking up on secret desires or find something that they haven’t even though of themselves. Either way: it’s tricky. You wreck your brain and research online and ask mutual friends but sometimes it’s just to hard.

But fear no more! I put together a selection of presents you can give those hard-to-present. And they are handmade which makes them even more special!


1| Cushion with built in headphones 2| Terrarium 3| Tea shelf out of a wine box 4| Personlized wall art 5 |Handmade friendship bracelet 6 | Magazine basket out of newspaper

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