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4 Jun

The other day I went home after work and I got a call. From work. And I had to urgently help with a project. So I headed home immediately and sat down before the computer – without going grocery shopping and with nothing at home. No, this is not a rant on how hard my life is and how difficult work. Not at all. I love my work but not so much when it keeps me from eating healthy. So there’s a good thing that there’s a new kid in town. And with kid I mean shop. It’s called Feinkoch and it’s a recipe grocery shop. A recipe grocery store?! What the flip is that, you might ask. Have a seat. Let me explain. It’s a shop where you choose a recipe. There are always about 10 on display and then you shop exactly the ingredients for this recipe. The exact ingredients. When you need 3 tomatoes, 20 g of parmesan cheese and 1 piece of clove, that’s exactly what you get. No waste. No missing things. It’s brilliant. I have quite the selection of recipes at home already and every single one of those were delicious.


So there I sit at home and work and there’s no way I can go recipe grocery shopping. That’s when I remembered: Feinkoch has an online shop and they deliver all over Vienna now. So I went online and within 7 mins I shopped a healthy and delicious dinner and 30 mins later I got it delivered right on my doorstep.


For all the international readers that can’t get this delivered, I’m allowed to share the great recipe I was able to cook after I finished working.


All you need is:
– 200 g Beluga lentils
– a handful of green asparagus
– 1 piece of Mozzarella
– 6 pieces of cherry tomatoes
– 3 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
– 3 Tbsp olive oil
– a pinch of sugar
– 1 piece of clove
– a handful of basil leaves
– salt and pepper

Cook the lentils with 400 ml of water with a pinch of salt for 25 mins until they are soft. Meanwhile wash the cherry tomatoes and cut into quarters. Rip the Mozzarella into pieces. Wash the asparagus and break the ends of (if they are woody, they break just above that piece and they’re good to go!). Cut the asparagus into thirds and saute them with 1 Tbsp olive oil and the clove cut into slices for about 4 mins. Turn down the heat and remove the clove. Add half of the vinegar and sugar and cook for another 2-3 mins. Cut the basil leaves into pieces.

Rinse the lentils and put it into a bowl with the tomatoes, Mozzarella and asparagus. Add the other half of the vinegar, 2 Tbsp olive oil and half of the basil leaves. Season with some salt and pepper and serve with the other half of the basil leaves as decoration. Voilá!


Healthy and delicious. Could a girl ask for more?! Yes. Chocolate. That’s why you can order with the coupon look3x42 a chocolate tartufo set if you order online. Just put the chocolates into the shopping basket and fill in the coupon afterwards.

Happy recipe grocery shopping!


This post is sponsored by feinkoch. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Now. Carry on!


Put on your hiking boots.

21 Oct

It’s my 100th blogpost. Can you believe that? Last week I celebrated the blogs birthday and today it’s the 100th blogpost. When I set up this virtual space a year ago, I thought that it would be great if I had 53 blogposts live. It’s almost double. I’m very proud of that. I think I’m in a good place now with around 2 blogposts a week and a full time job and still enough time for friends, family and my boyfriend. I really don’t take the support I get not only from you but the people around me for granted. This is very special. It takes a lot of organization but I’m glad I can do everything.


It’s great for example that I have time to go hiking with my friends, boyfriend and my sister once in a while. As I mentioned before I don’t like hiking very much. It’s exhausting and can be boring. My boyfriend loves hiking. Therefore he looks for routes that could be interesting for me. With something to do, something special to see or with an incredible scenery. That’s how we discovered the white water trail in Mariensee in Lower Austria.


The first time we went there was last year and at the end of the trail is a waterfall. There we left the trail back then and went up the hill and that is when we found ourselves in the middle of a field of chanterelles. We love this little mushrooms but didn’t have any bag with us. So we took off our shirts and collected as many as we could carry. Later down the trail we found some porcini mushrooms that just grew along the trail. We promised ourselves to come back with a big backpack the next year. And this is what we did in August.

We came home with over one kg of mushrooms. Although October is quite late to search for more, we wanted to go again with some friends and my sister this weekend. We didn’t found any eatable mushroom (that we trusted enough to take home) but the trail is quite beautiful anyway and so it was more of a hiking trip.


It was one of those beautiful Indian summer days that makes you fall in love with the autumn season and nature. Sometimes living in the city makes me miss the changes nature goes through over the year. Although Vienna is a very green city, it’s just not the same as if you indulge in nature all around you.

The light in the woods was so great in the afternoon.


IMG_3266 Mariensee_mushroom_search

I was always behind everybody taking pictures. That’s why most of the pictures show them from behind. A beautiful rear can also endear. Or so.


Now. Carry on!

Color me.

24 Mar

Today I was invited by We Love Handmade to their Easter workshop. Colouring eggs. 3 hours. 20 people. 120 eggs. The fun part was that the eggs were coloured with natural ingredients like onions, curcuma, beetroot and paprika.

To read how its done go to the We Love Handmade Magazine (only in german!).



Peeling onions for some red coloured eggs. Fun Fact: in Austria all Bio eggs are brown. Not sure why. Probably a marketing gag.


My designs vs. the prepared-for-colouring eggs.


I took an image of Susanne taking pictures of her ready-to-go eggs. So meta.


Coloured eggs: the one in the front right is coloured with curcuma, the ones in the middle with onion peels (from white onions!), the one on the right in the back with beetroot.


Now. Carry on!

Vienna Awards 2013.

22 Mar

Yesterday I was invited to the Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle. Free drinks and food, partying with Bond girls and Victoria Secret’s Angels and meeting fellow bloggers. What’s not to love?!

I was invited by Woman – an Austrian fashion magazine and their table was right to the runway and main stage. I was like this close (imagine me putting my finger tips veeeery close together) to Bar Refaeli. The funny thing is: I almost imagined her being taller. But I also imagined Carola from Vienna Wedekind being taller. She is just so cute. And fun. And nice.

I met her actually on the metro and I was too embarrassed to speak to her. Isn’t it weird to walk up to somebody: “Hey I know you. I read your blog.” Maybe that’s just me. Socially awkward.

But I didn’t meet only Carola but  Anna from H.Anna (again), Michaela from Cooloutfit, Vanessa from Modewurst and Richard from Well those are at least the ones that I talked to. Please excuse that the following image is a bit blurry (please excuse the quality of the images for this blogpost in general) but I really liked the face Carola makes. Can you tell she’s an actress?


Well back to Bar Refaeli. She’s the first topmodel I meet. Well meet might be a strong word for seeing her in real life on stage. But what about her clothes? What is that? The invitation asked for evening wear and I mean: Did I really look better than her?! Yeah I did and I’m not afraid to admit that. (Joking. Obviously.) But see for yourself:


From the fashion shows I mostly liked Rebekka Ruétz. She won the Newcomer Award. She was so happy that she jumped with joy. On stage. Made me laugh. I’m certainly not a fashion blogger and never will be but look at the tights the models wore. I’m already wondering how I can make those myself. Any Ideas?


Now. Carry on!

My favourite.

17 Mar

I told you yesterday that I would like to post more. I’m hereby keeping my promise. This is not going to be a tutorial of a DIY but I wanted to share with you a nice little café-slash-bar that I found today in the Zollergasse in Vienna. I was wandering through the 7th district with my sister when we stumbled upon this very nice location. We actually embarrassed ourselves because we pressed our noses against the window on which other side the probably most rich and promising chocolate cake stood. The staff saw us and had a laugh. At least we made somebody happy.


We couldn’t walk passed this amazing chocolate cake and went inside – what turns out to be Hipster heaven.

And this is it. The best chocolate cake. Ever.


The ambiance was quite rustic and industrial but I felt very comfortable.


The café is called “Liebling” what means something like “favourite” or “darling” and I sure found my favourite chocolate cake.


Now. Carry on!

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