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I’m moving!

11 Aug
Image from John Perivolaris

Image from John Perivolaris

As you might have read on Facebook: I have some great news. I’m moving! Well, technically not me. (Did I scare you a little?) My blog is moving. I have felt for quite some time that my time here at has to come to an end. It just limited me too much. No plugins, too much restrictions.

It was great in the beginning and I would recommend it to everybody who’s just starting out. But it’s time to move on. And of course, I start also with a new design. I can’t wait to show you! You’ll get a much better overview over my projects and posts… but see for yourself very soon.
For those of you who follow my blog via Facebook, Feedly, Bloglovin E-Mail or any other Feedreader: Nothing will change for you. You’ll still get an update as soon as I post it.
For the many lovely readers that follow along via the You won’t get any updates. However (!) I hope you follow along. (I left some links to platforms via which you can still follow above.) Even if you don’t: there are so many of you that I would like to thank: you kept me going! Every time someone started to follow me: it made my day. Every time someone left a comment was a happy moment.

I would like to take the opportunity to point out some of my most loyal readers. I would like to start with you Anjana. Your first comment in April 2013 (yes, I did look that up and it makes me so proud to have such loyal and great readers) was such a compliment and you liked every post since and commented some more. Thank you for your support! You picked me up when I doubted myself and this blog. So, thank you so much!

Another reader that I would like to drag into the spotlight here is Sonya. We online-met through a blogger-meet-up called “Our Growing Edge” and you followed me since. Thank you for all your comments!

One last that I would like to personally name is Martyna. You’re such an inspiring and lovely person! Your comments made me smile and I love your dog on Instagram.

There are so many readers that I would like to thank. (Sorry that I can’t name all of you.) Also the quiet ones. That mostly read and don’t comment at all (I’m also more of that kind of person, however I want to make the effort and comment more since I know how much that means to the blogger – hint, hint!). You all keep me going. I hope to see you on the other side!

Please excuse if there are some technical difficulties due to the change. I’m soon back on track and I have some new and great (I’m still the humble ol’ me, as you can see) projects for you.

Now. Carry on!


Look what I found: strawberries!

21 Jun



1. A wonderful strawberry themed kitchen towel.

2. The cute strawberry pompoms by Mr. Printable.

3. A Strawberry Daiquiri Mix by Tide and Thyme.

4. Grapefruit and strawberry popsicles by Endless Simmer.

5. A tutorial for these super cute strawberry earrings by Ice Pandora.

6. This most beautiful elderflower strawberry cake by one of my favorite Blogger on Call Me Cupcake (also because elderflower and strawberries are such a perfect pair.)


4 Jun

The other day I went home after work and I got a call. From work. And I had to urgently help with a project. So I headed home immediately and sat down before the computer – without going grocery shopping and with nothing at home. No, this is not a rant on how hard my life is and how difficult work. Not at all. I love my work but not so much when it keeps me from eating healthy. So there’s a good thing that there’s a new kid in town. And with kid I mean shop. It’s called Feinkoch and it’s a recipe grocery shop. A recipe grocery store?! What the flip is that, you might ask. Have a seat. Let me explain. It’s a shop where you choose a recipe. There are always about 10 on display and then you shop exactly the ingredients for this recipe. The exact ingredients. When you need 3 tomatoes, 20 g of parmesan cheese and 1 piece of clove, that’s exactly what you get. No waste. No missing things. It’s brilliant. I have quite the selection of recipes at home already and every single one of those were delicious.


So there I sit at home and work and there’s no way I can go recipe grocery shopping. That’s when I remembered: Feinkoch has an online shop and they deliver all over Vienna now. So I went online and within 7 mins I shopped a healthy and delicious dinner and 30 mins later I got it delivered right on my doorstep.


For all the international readers that can’t get this delivered, I’m allowed to share the great recipe I was able to cook after I finished working.


All you need is:
– 200 g Beluga lentils
– a handful of green asparagus
– 1 piece of Mozzarella
– 6 pieces of cherry tomatoes
– 3 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
– 3 Tbsp olive oil
– a pinch of sugar
– 1 piece of clove
– a handful of basil leaves
– salt and pepper

Cook the lentils with 400 ml of water with a pinch of salt for 25 mins until they are soft. Meanwhile wash the cherry tomatoes and cut into quarters. Rip the Mozzarella into pieces. Wash the asparagus and break the ends of (if they are woody, they break just above that piece and they’re good to go!). Cut the asparagus into thirds and saute them with 1 Tbsp olive oil and the clove cut into slices for about 4 mins. Turn down the heat and remove the clove. Add half of the vinegar and sugar and cook for another 2-3 mins. Cut the basil leaves into pieces.

Rinse the lentils and put it into a bowl with the tomatoes, Mozzarella and asparagus. Add the other half of the vinegar, 2 Tbsp olive oil and half of the basil leaves. Season with some salt and pepper and serve with the other half of the basil leaves as decoration. Voilá!


Healthy and delicious. Could a girl ask for more?! Yes. Chocolate. That’s why you can order with the coupon look3x42 a chocolate tartufo set if you order online. Just put the chocolates into the shopping basket and fill in the coupon afterwards.

Happy recipe grocery shopping!


This post is sponsored by feinkoch. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Now. Carry on!

Chain crochet.

16 May

Today is like all week in Vienna rainy weather. It had been raining for so many days that even I – a rain-enthusiast – gets sick of it. It’s May! Where are the shorts-and-T-shirt-days?! The long nights with drinks in a park?! The hot summer thunderstorms?! I guess this pictures from last weekend (where it was cold but at least sunny) have to keep me warm the next days. Luckily I took those. Or rather my boyfriend. But it’s not only the hint of sun on my face that I want you to notice but rather my new necklace. Handmade of course.


It’s made so easily that I’m almost embarrassed to post it as a DIY. Aren’t the easy projects the best anyway?! At least that’s what I keep telling myself…


All you need is:
– zpagetti
– a chain
– a crochet hook
– scissors


Weave the zpagetti through the chain.


Now take the crochet hook and make single crochets all along the chain. I found this great infographic on the internet. I have no idea what the original source is. I tried to find it and linked it to the oldest source I found. Anyway. If you find the original, let me know!


Leave the ends longer that you can tie it around the neck. Now. It’s done!


Sorry for my hairstyle. I just figured I always have to excuse my hair style. Maybe I should just stop call it a hair style. Maybe I just call it hair. If you can’t change the thing, change the perspective. Right? Yes. Look at my funny hair! Isn’t it hilarious?!


You probably noticed that this sweater is the exact same one that I wore here. You’re right. Not that I only have this one sweater. It’s just my favorite. I bought it at COS (as well as the blouse I’m wearing) and I have to force myself not to wear it every single day. I’m in love. With a sweater. Sorry, boyfriend.

On a totally different note: the give-away for my etagére building set ended yesterday. I’m so thrilled that so many people took part. My boyfriend will choose the winner randomly this weekend and I will let you know asap. So check your mailboxes… It might be you!

Now. Carry on!

Picture frame collage.

29 Apr

Others do Spring cleaning, I do Spring decorating. I hate cleaning. I really do. I would happily pay other people to clean for me. It’s just such a mundane task and not satisfying at all. I mean just a few hours later everything’s a mess and dirty again. Where’s the joy in that?! Sorry, I got carried away. Sensitive topic here. However there is much more joy and fun in decorating. And it lasts much longer. Especially when you decorate your wall – like I did here with my picture frame collage.


I found a few sources online that let you plan a picture collage. But what if you have already a wide selection at home and no idea how to hang those?! Well here is my idea.

All you need is:
– picture frames
– newspaper
– scissors
– tape
– nails

Cut the shape of the frames out of newspaper. So that you have the exact measurements and amount of pieces of paper as of the frames.


A little trick: If you have one really difficult size of frame, hang this first. I had this big picture frame that I just hung in a corner.


Now tape the newspaper to the wall and adjust and pull off and stick on again until you have a collage that’s nice on the eye. I let the paper hang over night and looked at it in the morning again. There’s no better quality control. I rearranged the paper again until I was fully satisfied.


Now hammer the nails right through the paper. No guessing or measuring necessary. You can rip off the paper afterwards. It did its job (perfectly).


Now hang the picture frames and voilá!


Your very own unique picture collage!


Now. Carry on!

Happy easter (table).

20 Apr

I have a big family and one of the best things is that you have constantly people that challenge you and support you at the same time. They are really important to me and my brother and sisters are more like friends. We all have a really good relationships (with ups and downs like any real relationship), I can trust them but they also tell me when I’m wrong. I haven’t been home now for over 4 months and it feels so special to have them around me.


Two of my sisters live in Vienna too and we have a weekly breakfast club but 2 siblings are only a third. So I’m always looking forward to meet all of them. It’s always quite crazy and loud and chaotic but I love it.


I sometimes wish I had more time to sit together and just talk. On the other side: meeting my whole family makes holidays even more special. I was so looking forward to go home to my parents house (at least for 3 days). Easter and chocolate and celebrations are just a nice add-on.


easter-table-plate-chickHowever my boyfriend visits his family and I’m visiting mine. This means that we don’t spend major holidays (like Christmas or Easter together). To have at least a little celebration together, I set our table for Easter.


My boyfriend said it looks really nice but why the hell did I use Smarties as decoration which he isn’t allowed to eat?! Such a philistine! Our compromise was that I was allowed to take pictures and he was allowed to eat them afterwards.


I used this little chicks for a little Easter bouquet. And branches.


What are you doing on Easter? Going on holiday or spending time with your family?

Happy Easter everyone!

Now. Carry on!


Once a year.

25 Mar

If you read this blog for over a year, you probably know what day it is: it’s the best day of the year. At least for me. It’s my birthday. I can’t understand how some people can’t like their birthday. What’s not to like? People think of you, there’s chocolate and cake and you get to keep all the presents. In my book that makes a pretty good day. Like today.

Because I do want the people around me to enjoy the day as well: I made muffins for my work colleagues. I will celebrate this weekend with my friends and family but these delicious and (almost) healthy raspberry yoghurt muffins are for the people I spend most of my birthday with.


If only they knew how easy and fast those muffins are…

All you need is:
– 300 g yoghurt
– 60 g oil (sunflower seed or rape oil)
– 120 g sugar
– 1 egg
– 250 g flour (I used a mix of 200 g plain flour and 50 g wholegrain)
– 1 Tbsp baking powder
– 1 pinch of cinnamon
– 50 g raspberries (I used frozen raspberries but you can also use fresh ones)

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Mix the yoghurt with the oil, egg and sugar in a bowl. Sieve the flour with the baking powder and cinnamon into the mixture until well combined. Pour the raspberries in and slowly work them in.

Line a muffin tray with paper cups and add the mixture into each one. Bake for 20 mins.


I could gulp those little things in no time – and without a bad conscience. Perfect for a birthday – or actually any day. Now I’m off to have a (hopefully) great dinner with my boyfriend.


Now. Carry on!


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