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Look what I found: strawberries!

21 Jun



1. A wonderful strawberry themed kitchen towel.

2. The cute strawberry pompoms by Mr. Printable.

3. A Strawberry Daiquiri Mix by Tide and Thyme.

4. Grapefruit and strawberry popsicles by Endless Simmer.

5. A tutorial for these super cute strawberry earrings by Ice Pandora.

6. This most beautiful elderflower strawberry cake by one of my favorite Blogger on Call Me Cupcake (also because elderflower and strawberries are such a perfect pair.)


Macrame hanging pot.

30 May

There was this whole macrame hype about 2 months ago. I’m a really lame adopter when it comes to things. When there’s an idea in my mind it either has to be executed this minute or it’s stuck in their for days, weeks or even months. I totally get what people mean when they say “pregnant with an idea”. It has to evolve and form and grow until you can bring it to life and share. Like this whole macrame thing. First I was all skeptical: “does it even look good?”, “is this something for me?” “is this actually modern or just weird?” (this reminded me when the hype with skinny jeans and trousers started. I had the exact same thoughts!) but then I grew fond with the idea seeing it all over the web.


So that’s why I did this plant hanging pot when my mum gave me another broken wine glass (my dad is also quite clumsy. So in my case it’s totally genetic and not at all my fault. YES! A great excuse.).


All you need is:
– zpagetti
– a broken wine glass
– a piece of copper pipe
– scissors
– something to plant it with (I used white cobble stones and a succulent plant)

Cut 2 pieces à 1,5 m off the zpagetti ball. Fold the pieces into half and make a square knot.


This will leave you with 2 small loops on each side. Weave the ends through the loops and pull tight.


Now make a knot with 2 different strings. Like seen in the picture below. Do this with all the strings.


Do the same with 2 different strings (that haven’t been joint together). Do this one more time like in the step above.


Now pull all the strings through the piece of copper pipe and make a tight knot with all strings.



Voilá! I made a macrame hanging planter.


Due to the fact that I live in a rooftop apartment, I don’t have any window sills to put pots and plants. This really bothers me sometimes. However with this great hanging pots I can add even more green to my home.


I’m totally smitten with indoor plants. That’s my alternative to not having a garden. And it’s even weather-independent. Ha! It’s actually better than a garden (if I keep telling this to myself, I might believe it one day).


Now. Carry on!


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Chain crochet.

16 May

Today is like all week in Vienna rainy weather. It had been raining for so many days that even I – a rain-enthusiast – gets sick of it. It’s May! Where are the shorts-and-T-shirt-days?! The long nights with drinks in a park?! The hot summer thunderstorms?! I guess this pictures from last weekend (where it was cold but at least sunny) have to keep me warm the next days. Luckily I took those. Or rather my boyfriend. But it’s not only the hint of sun on my face that I want you to notice but rather my new necklace. Handmade of course.


It’s made so easily that I’m almost embarrassed to post it as a DIY. Aren’t the easy projects the best anyway?! At least that’s what I keep telling myself…


All you need is:
– zpagetti
– a chain
– a crochet hook
– scissors


Weave the zpagetti through the chain.


Now take the crochet hook and make single crochets all along the chain. I found this great infographic on the internet. I have no idea what the original source is. I tried to find it and linked it to the oldest source I found. Anyway. If you find the original, let me know!


Leave the ends longer that you can tie it around the neck. Now. It’s done!


Sorry for my hairstyle. I just figured I always have to excuse my hair style. Maybe I should just stop call it a hair style. Maybe I just call it hair. If you can’t change the thing, change the perspective. Right? Yes. Look at my funny hair! Isn’t it hilarious?!


You probably noticed that this sweater is the exact same one that I wore here. You’re right. Not that I only have this one sweater. It’s just my favorite. I bought it at COS (as well as the blouse I’m wearing) and I have to force myself not to wear it every single day. I’m in love. With a sweater. Sorry, boyfriend.

On a totally different note: the give-away for my etagére building set ended yesterday. I’m so thrilled that so many people took part. My boyfriend will choose the winner randomly this weekend and I will let you know asap. So check your mailboxes… It might be you!

Now. Carry on!

Gin Gin(ger).

13 May

I don’t know if it’s the warming temperatures or just me but I’m totally into gin again. The ginger syrup I made last week inspired me to a cocktail. Yes, I came up with my own cocktail recipe. I’m very proud. If I lie on my deadbed, this is something that I will pass on. Or maybe now. Better now. And I show this post to my grandkids. Yes, that’s a plan. But now I share it with you. Yes, you can consider yourself lucky.


All you need is
– 4 cl Blus Sapphire Gin
– 4 cl Ginger juice
– cold water
– 1 Tbsp lemon juice

Add all ingredients in a tumbler and stir well.


This is probably the best idea yet. But I say this probably about all my inventions. It’s really delicious though.


I used Bombay Sapphire this time. It’s in my opinion the best gin for this mixture.


Now try it out. And carry on!


Etagere building set.

6 May

If you follow this blog for longer, you probably know that I always wanted to have an etagère building set. I looked everywhere and made then an etagère from scratch. So that was the end of a long project and supplies hunting. Until recently. When an etagère building set found me. It’s true! Thanks to the lovely people of koalaplan (how amazing is that name by the way?!) offered me to test their etagère building set – right in time for Mother’s Day!


You can get all the pieces you need to build the set – including an ceramic drill and a diamond drill. And what a beautiful result!


All you need is:
– one set of etagère building materials (c/o of koalaplan)
– 3 plates in different sizes
– a drill machine
– a ceramic drill
– a diamond drill
– some painters tape

I asked my lovely sister to get me some plates from an antiques store. She chose a beautiful set with gold lining and was quite surprised when the seller asked for € 1,50. Best deal ever!


Before you start drilling, you have to mark the plates with some tape. The plate will get quite hot where you drill the holes and the tape makes sure that the tensions that result won’t make little chips at the top.


Now mark the spot where you want to drill. First you need the ceramic drill. (The package with the etagère building set will tell you exactly what you need to do.)


Drill and drill with the ceramic drill until you have a decent hole in the plate. The problem now is (and that’s where I always had problems with my previous attempt to make an etagère that resulted in a few broken plates) that the ceramic drill has a pointed end. The top of the hole is now bigger than the bottom. Now that’s where the diamond drill comes in handy! It will make an even hole through which the pole will go easily!


Now make holes like this in every plate. This might take some time but it’s worth it! What can beat a handmade and unique plate stand (and all the sweat and tears that go into it – I’m just kidding. No tears.).

Now assemble the pieces and voilá!


Isn’t it beautiful?!


And now comes the best part: the lovely and kind people of koalaplan gave me another etagére building set to give away! Yes! The very first give-away on this blog! I’m probably as excited as you are!


All you have to do is comment below until the 15th of May and I’ll write every single name on a piece of paper and my boyfriend will draw the lucky person that gets the etagére building set (including a ceramic and diamond drill!).


Now, go on! Comment and I wish you luck!

And after that: carry on!

Cress bunny.

16 Apr

I have quite a lot on my plate lately. It seems like the 3 days off I have for Easter have to be well earned. This week I enjoy just having nothing planned on the weeknights. Just going home and relaxing. I needed that. That also means that my Easter decoration is quite simplistic (this is my fancy translation for easy and fast but still pretty). The best decorations are the ones that only take 10 mins to make, use upcylcing as a concept and still look cute.


Like my cress holding bunny (out of an old paper towel role). For some last-last-minute decoration just buy the cress and “plant” it in bunny.


All you need is:
– an old paper towel cardboard role
– scissors
– cotton pads
– cress seeds
– permanent marker
– water and a little time


1. Cut the role to a length of 15 cm. Fold it in half and make a cut of about 1,5 cms length. Fold it the other way round and cut it again.


2. Fold the corners in like if you close a package.


3. It should be closed like this.


4. Cut some bunny ears into the top part.


5. This is the finished cress pot.


6. Fill it up with the cotton pads. Cut it to the size of the bunny body so that you get a flat surface.


7. Add the cress seeds.


8. Water the seeds and put it under a glas cloche. This will help it grow and you don’t need to water it every single day. Let it grow!


After a few days (around 3-4) you can use it as decoration for example for your Easter brunch table.


The face I drew is kind of creepy and weird but who cares. It makes me laugh because it looks so displaced. One should not fear to make mistakes.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Now. Carry on!

Easter chick.

11 Apr

Eggs are boring. Easter is always about eggs and to be honest. They bore me a little bit. There is only so much you can do with it (like plant them) but in terms of decoration, they are boring. So I took the time and thought beyond the egg. Literally. I made a little chick for Easter decoration.


As soon as I was done with one, my boyfriend said: “Cute. I used to make those in kindergarden.” Pah. What does he know?!


All you need is:
– yellow thread
– orange and black paper
– small scissors
– a fork
– glue


1. Wrap the thread around the fork as seen in the picture above.


2. Cut a little piece of the the excessive thread and pull the wrapped thread of the fork. Tie it in the middle together. It should look like a small bow.


3. Cut it open as seen above.


4. It looks like a very wild ball now but don’t worry. Now comes the make-up. Just cut off the thread to the same length.


5. You will get a lovely tiny little ball like this.


6. Cut some feet, a peak and eyes out of the paper and stick it to the yellow ball and voilá! You have a little chick!


I made two and they are now sitting a room plant.


It makes me smile just to look at them.

Now. Carry on!

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