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Picture frame collage.

29 Apr

Others do Spring cleaning, I do Spring decorating. I hate cleaning. I really do. I would happily pay other people to clean for me. It’s just such a mundane task and not satisfying at all. I mean just a few hours later everything’s a mess and dirty again. Where’s the joy in that?! Sorry, I got carried away. Sensitive topic here. However there is much more joy and fun in decorating. And it lasts much longer. Especially when you decorate your wall – like I did here with my picture frame collage.


I found a few sources online that let you plan a picture collage. But what if you have already a wide selection at home and no idea how to hang those?! Well here is my idea.

All you need is:
– picture frames
– newspaper
– scissors
– tape
– nails

Cut the shape of the frames out of newspaper. So that you have the exact measurements and amount of pieces of paper as of the frames.


A little trick: If you have one really difficult size of frame, hang this first. I had this big picture frame that I just hung in a corner.


Now tape the newspaper to the wall and adjust and pull off and stick on again until you have a collage that’s nice on the eye. I let the paper hang over night and looked at it in the morning again. There’s no better quality control. I rearranged the paper again until I was fully satisfied.


Now hammer the nails right through the paper. No guessing or measuring necessary. You can rip off the paper afterwards. It did its job (perfectly).


Now hang the picture frames and voilá!


Your very own unique picture collage!


Now. Carry on!


Happy easter (table).

20 Apr

I have a big family and one of the best things is that you have constantly people that challenge you and support you at the same time. They are really important to me and my brother and sisters are more like friends. We all have a really good relationships (with ups and downs like any real relationship), I can trust them but they also tell me when I’m wrong. I haven’t been home now for over 4 months and it feels so special to have them around me.


Two of my sisters live in Vienna too and we have a weekly breakfast club but 2 siblings are only a third. So I’m always looking forward to meet all of them. It’s always quite crazy and loud and chaotic but I love it.


I sometimes wish I had more time to sit together and just talk. On the other side: meeting my whole family makes holidays even more special. I was so looking forward to go home to my parents house (at least for 3 days). Easter and chocolate and celebrations are just a nice add-on.


easter-table-plate-chickHowever my boyfriend visits his family and I’m visiting mine. This means that we don’t spend major holidays (like Christmas or Easter together). To have at least a little celebration together, I set our table for Easter.


My boyfriend said it looks really nice but why the hell did I use Smarties as decoration which he isn’t allowed to eat?! Such a philistine! Our compromise was that I was allowed to take pictures and he was allowed to eat them afterwards.


I used this little chicks for a little Easter bouquet. And branches.


What are you doing on Easter? Going on holiday or spending time with your family?

Happy Easter everyone!

Now. Carry on!


Shine like diamonds.

4 Apr

Yesterday I posted a little teaser of what I was working on on Instagram. I haven’t done Origami for quite some time. What surprises me more than you probably. I love Origami and I used to fold while watching TV, brainstorming on ideas or when I was upset. Yes, really. I think it’s the perfect combination of having busy hands while the mind is free to wander (or wonder which I do occasionally as well). So I was quite happy when I found this tutorial on how to make paper diamonds (there are not really diamonds but geometric things but doesn’t sound have as nice) over on Design and Form.


So there was the inspiration and this is what I made out of it: a light chain. You can’t have enough fairy lights in your home.


All you need is:
– paper
– scissors
– glue
– fairy lights

I thought the instructions over on Design and Form were quite helpful and easy but when I started to fold I found out I was wrong. Yes, me, the self-declared Origami-following-tutorial-master! The thing is that the paper they used was white only and mine is with a pattern on one side – and of course I wanted the pattern to be on the outside…


That you don’t make the same mistake, I took pictures of my own folding process, so you can see where the patterned side of the paper is.


Step 1: Fold the paper into half, open it up again, and fold it into the other half. It should have a folded cross in the middle. Now fold the corners together so that you have a triangle, open it up and fold it into a triangle the other way. There should be now a fold from each corner to the opposite corner and a fold from right through the middle of the paper forming a cross.


Step 2: Fold the sides in so that it becomes a smaller square.


Step 3: The open part of the squares should look your way and then fold the outer triangle in to the middle. Do this with all 4 sides.


Step 4: It should look now like this.


Step 5: Cut the triangles at the bottom off.


Step 6: Open one of the sides up.


Step 7:  Fold the triangle in. Do this with all 4 sides.


Step 8: Now is should look like a plain simple triangle.


Step 9: Fold the corners in at the bottom. Do this with all corners. (It doesn’t matter which way you fold them – either looking all one way or not.)


Step 10: Now you should have a piece of paper that looks a bit like a diamond.


Step 11: Open up all the folds.


Step 12: Fold the little corners in as seen on the picture.

Step 13: Repeat Step 1 to Step 12 with another piece of paper.


Step 14: Glue those 2 pieces together.


Voilá! You have a nice geometric form. Now you need to fold just as much as the fairy light has lights…


… which is quite a lot.


Then cut a hole at one of the peaks (just big enough to push a little fairy light inside). And attach all the little diamonds to the lights chain.


The lights look great lying around at day and they look great lit up by day…


… and at night.


What more can you ask from a fairy light?!

Now. Carry on!


Tea shelf.

14 Jan

Sorry for being so quiet over the last few days. I was in Munich – work-related. However while I was gone, buzzfeed published a DIY project I did for them. It got a lot of attention and I’m very pleased because it’s one of the best I ever did. Remember the kitchen shelf I made out of a wine box? It’s kinda the same. Same, same but different.


Because I have been asked before: the tea pot is from Marimekko. The cups are decorated with letters designed by Arne Jacobsen (you can get them here).

And it makes so much sense that you make this after Christmas and New Year because upcycling. But see for yourself.


All you need is:
– an old champagne box (you can get it from wine dealers or some delis)
– pieces of the lid (which you get in pieces anyway)
– a piece of paper the size of the back of the box (I re-used wrapping paper)
– 4 screws
– a drill


Adjust the paper into the box. I just folded the edges of the paper to the back. You can stick it to the box but you don’t have to because it will hold anyway.


Then take the pieces of the lid and place them where you want the shelving to go (you might have to adjust the size a little).


Screw the pieces together and voilá!


You’ve made a little shelf in under 30 mins! Like magic but better.


I use the shelf to store (some of) my tea collection. However it can hold any little things that you want to store on display.

Now. Carry on!

On display: winter decoration.

10 Jan

It seems like Christmas is the peak of decorating tradition of all year. If you think about you have to admit that there’s never more decoration than for Christmas – not for Easter, not for Halloween, not for New Years Eve. And what for?! You have to hide the decoration one week after the holidays the latest.


However my mum did something clever (she does things always clever, what did you expect? She is my mum!): she decorated winter-ish. The candles make it appropriate for Christmas but the rest of the decoration can be left outside at the entrance to welcome guests (or me) until March – at least.


If you ever see my parents house you’ll see where I got my passion for decoration for. My mum makes the perfect combinations of natural and kitsch decoration.


This one is more natural. Did you spot drift wood and different wild berries.


If you look at these pictures you’ll see that most of the material can be found in any winterly garden or you can collect them on a winter walk in the forests.


While you read this I’m in Munich over the weekend – work-related. It’s a shame that I don’t have so much time to explore the city. I’ll be back on Monday.


Now. Carry on!

On display: A Christmas box.

25 Dec

Christmas is almost over. Can you believe it? You get ready for so long and puff! It’s over. Totally worth it but still. Now come the few days of eating and family time that makes it all worth while. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve. We decorate the  tree together in the morning, get the last few things ready like supper and Christmas present wrapping and after dinner, we all gather in the living room when the candles (yes, we still have real candles) are lit.
We sing a few Christmas carols together and then we start unwrapping the presents. It starts with my little brother and then we go one by one from the youngest to the oldest. (Apparently I have been very nice this year, the Christkind has been very generious.)

Because I always celebrate at my parents house I don’t decorate my flat too much. I still like to get ready and therefore a little decoration has to be put in place. I took pictures when I was back home but I totally forgot to show you. So here it goes:


This year I made a Christmas box – at least that’s what my boyfriend calls it. He’s right though. I took an old crate and decorated it with the few things that assemble Christmas for me.


I got this tiny Christmas tree in the right corner from an insurance company. Technically I didn’t get it. The person who rent the flat before us got a package and me – ubercautious (and not at all curious) opened it and there was this tiny Christmas tree. I was actually complaining that I can’t have my own tree with us not being here around Christmas and I created replacements but this is like the perfect present (the fact that it didn’t belong to me didn’t bother me too much).

The Amsterdam skyline had to be in here as well – of course. Still one of my most favourite DIY.


Do you remember the lemon I decorated with cloves? It’s been hanging here for a week now and it dried and released its smell continuously in the living room.


On top of the wooden box is the landscape I made with the 3D paper trees. I’m really smitten how the box looks like because you can see so many details that you might miss on the first glance. It shows that you don’t have to create big things and huge displays to make something special. I can get lost in the smell and the look of this box and think about Christmas any time.

Now. Carry on!


Present wrapping.

21 Dec

It’s the first day of my Christmas holidays already. For about a week it’s all about presents, food and family. First up is the family of my boyfriend. We drove here today because his home is almost half the way home to my parents. Which is a 6 1/2 hour train ride. It’s crazy. If only the landscape would look more like winter. I just don’t seem to get in the mood when there’s no snow around – and it looks like there won’t be any before Christmas.

There have to be taken some measurements to fight of this terrible winter blues (already?). And there’s nothing better than eating cookies, lighting some candles and wrapping presents.


I found this fantastic black and white chevron paper and bought some red wire. With so many family members it’s hard to keep track of which present belongs to whom, so I named them.


When the name was too long, I just took the initial of the first name. Very creative, I know, but it serves the purpose.


Did you wrap all your presents already? I’d love to see  how yours look like!

Now. Carry on!

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